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ATA-B’s relationship with Oncology Hematology Care (OHC) began in 2003 with the design of a new 28,000 square foot cancer-care center. Over the succeeding years ATA-B partnered with OHC on over 15 projects spanning from new construction, renovations and additions, to space planning, and furniture and finishes upgrades. ATA-B’s understanding of OHC’s operations, rapid response and design expertise aided OHC’s rapid geographic expansion throughout the region.

One aspect to ATA-B’s service includes providing ‘emergency design’. OHC was losing their lease at one of their care centers and was scrambling to relocate without interrupting patient treatment scheduling. ATA-B spearheaded the design effort to move them into a new facility prior to them losing their lease.  This fast-tracked project was designed, permitted, and constructed within 90 days.

  • Northern Kentucky Cancer Care Center (2003); a new 2-story, 28,000 sf. diagnostic and treatment center housing x-ray, CT scan, PET scan and a Linear Accelerator.
  • Blue Ash Cancer Care Center (2004); the transformation of an existing office building into a new treatment center including the addition of a concrete vault for the installation of a Linear Accelerator.
  • OHC Hamilton Treatment Center (2005); tenant build out of a medium sized chemotherapy treatment suite.
  • OHC Eastgate Treatment Center (2007); tenant build out of an existing medical office into a chemotherapy treatment suite.
  • OHC Fairfield (2010); office furnishes and finishes upgrade.
  • OHC Kenwood Pharmacy Upgrade (2011); upgrade of the existing pharmacy and hood room at the Kenwood treatment center to meet new Joint Commission standards.
  • North Treatment Center (2012); tenant build out of a large chemotherapy treatment suite.
  • Blue Ash Cancer Center Upgrades (2012); remodel of existing lab and treatment areas to meet new HIPAA and Joint Commission standards.
  • Home Infusion Pharmacy (2013); creation of a new suite for the pharmacy to support OHC’s home medical oncology practice including sophisticated mixing rooms built to Joint Commission standards.
  • OHC Research Office (2014); creation of a new suite to consolidate the administration of OHC’s research programs and staff.
  • OHC Radiation Oncology Expansion (2014); addition of a second concrete vault and linear accelerator with expanded patient waiting and exam areas.
  • OHC Eden Park (2015); New 10,000 square foot oncology suite constructed within a existing commercial office space.
  • OHC Wilmington (2015); Remodel of an existing commercial space into a new oncology suite. This fast-tracked project was designed, permitted, and constructed and occupied within 90 days.