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Clippard Instrument’s outgrowth of its original 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility led to its acquisition of 60 acres in nearby Fairfield, Ohio.   ATA Beilharz Architects was contacted to design their new 165,000 square foot facility to include state-of-the-art manufacturing, product storage and distribution, and corporate office space. Groundbreaking for the project highlighted the company’s 50 year anniversary celebration.  The company wanted the design of their new building to be a symbol of their company’s high standards, industry leadership and precision products.

The manufacturing and distribution “box” was constructed with tilt-slab exterior walls and conventional steel framing.  The entire space is air-conditioned and contains high tech lighting.  The interior structure is painted and the floor is epoxy coated to give a “clean-room” appearance to the machining assembly and storage areas.  The office structure is steel frame with Alucobond pre-finished metal panel siding.  The distinguishing entrance tower marks not only the physical high ground in Butler County but also symbolizes Clippard’s industry leadership.